Printing jobs just spool then disappear without printing anything

  • Remove all the printers in “Device and Printers”.
  • Open up cmd as administrator.
  • Stop spooler (net stop spooler).
  • Delete everything inside “System32\spool\drivers\w32x86\” and “System32\spool\PRINTERS\”. Close explorer in task manager and use the previous command window to delete them if it said that explorer is using some of the files.
  • Restart the computer and add the printers back.

Cartridge problem after ink injection

Cartridge won’t stop spilling ink
Try drying the cartridge by putting it on top of some dry tissue and let it spill until it’s dry and won’t spill out ink anymore (this sometimes takes very long time and many tissues).

Cartridge won’t let out the ink
Put the cartridge’s head in hot water or ammonia (or both) for about 2 minutes, clean it up and try again. Make sure not to let water touch the yellow plate in the front of cartridge.
For full explanations : here or here (mirror).

Error 21000012c or 20000107 on Epson printer


  1. Make sure you only have the target printer (ie: the one you wish to reset) connected to your computer and turned on.
  2. Try selecting the specific port that your target printer is connected on rather than “Auto Select” (Via “Settings” button in AdjProg utility)
  3. Use Compatibility Mode as Windows XP Service Pack 3
  4. Try to change the driver / resetter to another type, like L200 for L100 printer, etc
  5. This option is a last ditch attempt if all else fails (This method sometimes works around any power saving or similar issues that stop the printer communicating properly) :
    • Prepare everything for resetting (ie: input key, etc…)
    • Turn printer off, wait 5 seconds and turn printer on
    • Wait 2 or 3 seconds then try to reset waste ink counter