Acronis True Image fails with “Backup date cannot be found”

This problem usually happens when using the consolidation backup, the workaround is to stop using the consolidation. Instead, limit the incremental backup using the available rules (days, size, etc)


Spooler error on printer client

With Windows XP as the client and Windows 7 as the server.

Remove the printer on the client.
Rename the server’s pcname.
Add the printer back on the client.


Error with spooler service

Solutions —
Do these steps on printer server and client:
– stop spooler
– delete all the contents in : \system32\spool\PRINTERS
– start spooler

And these steps on printer client:
– remove every connected network printers from every user accounts
– delete all the contents in : \system32\spool\drivers
– reconnect the printers


MS Word ERROR : Settings you chose for the left and right margins (etc)

Solution —
– Go to: Page Layout > Page Setup > Columns > More Columns
– And click on the preset picture for One (even if 1 column is already selected), whole document, then click OK.


ERROR : Configuration incorrect, reinstalling may fix (etc)

Problem —
Many applications e.g MS Office and Formatfactory show an error that says “Configuration incorrect, reinstalling may fix, etc.”

Solution —
Download and install vcredist 2005 redistributable SP1