Fixing winsock

Cause & Problems —
Sometimes, winsock in windows may get corrupted/damaged and makes your PC disconnected from the network even with the correct internet setting, missing IP in network connections, or even makes you unable to open your browser.

Solutions —
1. Use softwares such as WinSock XP Fix, or
2. Execute these commands one by one in the command prompt as administrator, then restart your PC after each command
— netsh winsock reset catalog
— netsh int ip reset reset.log
— netsh int ip reset logfile.txt
— netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log
— netsh winsock reset


Windows won’t save any network credentials after restart

  • Maybe the username between PC is the same but the password is different, in that case, change the password so that the it matchs each other and requires no authentication
  • Create a new account, and try it on the new account
  • Create a new account with the same username and password between PC
  • Allow anonymous login / blank password / disable password protected sharing
  • Use an auto login app like Network Drive Manager > open the options and set to auto connect until a hundred times > copy its shortcut to the startup folder, or just
  • Reinstall windows