How to easily compare between 2 folders in Windows

  1. Download and run WinMerge
  2. Go to : Edit > Options > Compare > Folders > Compare Method. And pick Size from the dropdown to make comparing process faster
  3. Go to : File > Open, choose the first and second folder to compare and click OK

Problem with blank icons and file associations in Windows

This problem usually happens on Windows 8 after doing a system restore.

The solution is to just create a new account if it’s still broken then you must repair it manually :

p.s I forgot the name, but in Windows 8, there’s a menu in control panel so that you can see which extensions are supported by each programs so you can just tick in every extensions that you want to be associated with those programs.

Some recommendations when your PC have booting problem

Booting problem includes : automatic restarts/shutdown, hangs/freezes on startup, beeping sound, etc

  • Check the RAM : clean it up, change the slot, use another RAM
  • Check the Harddisk : change the cable, change the port
  • Check the Power Supply : pull all the cable and plug it back, change the PSU
  • Check the temperature : make sure the fan is spinning
  • Also try pull the RAM or Harddisk out completely to see if the symptom is still same, in this case the problem is probably not with the RAM or Harddisk
  • Do what you can to boot (safe mode, hiren boot cd) then : do the chkdsk, system restore, bad sector check, disable problematic startup items, etc
  • Reset BIOS setting to its default value or failsafe value
  • Unplug every USB device and try to start it up again
  • Some beeping sounds indicate a problem in keyboard and mouse, try to change or replug the keyboard and mouse
  • Try repairing Windows using the original CD/DVD

How to count how many page a comic/manga has in an online scan site

  1. Go to a page where you have links for every chapter
  2. Download every html of those links, use IDM or similar software to download every link that you block
  3. Combine/merge all of the html files into a single text file, use this command in Windows: for %f in (*.html) do type “%f” >> output.txt
  4. Open the output text in notepad++
  5. Bookmark each line that has the number of pages in it (use the search and macro features)
  6. Cut all the bookmarked lines to a new text file
  7. Use the search and macro to clean it up, and then
  8. Move it to excel for easy calculation