Disable autoplay via regedit

Open regedit, then go to:

Create the Explorer directory if it’s not present.

Within this subkey, locate the setting labeled “NoDriveTypeAutoRun”. If it doesn’t exist, create a new 32-bit DWORD with this name and assign it the hexadecimal value 000000FF (Decimal 255).

Restart the computer.

The DWORD defined above will disable AutoRun for all drives and all user account, and will have the same effect that you would’ve gotten through Local Group Policy Editor.


Fixing winsock

Cause & Problems —
Sometimes, winsock in windows may get corrupted/damaged and makes your PC disconnected from the network even with the correct internet setting, missing IP in network connections, or even makes you unable to open your browser.

Solutions —
1. Use softwares such as WinSock XP Fix, or
2. Execute these commands one by one in the command prompt as administrator, then restart your PC after each command
— netsh winsock reset catalog
— netsh int ip reset reset.log
— netsh int ip reset logfile.txt
— netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log
— netsh winsock reset

Windows won’t save any network credentials after restart

  • Maybe the username between PC is the same but the password is different, in that case, change the password so that the it matchs each other and requires no authentication
  • Create a new account, and try it on the new account
  • Create a new account with the same username and password between PC
  • Allow anonymous login / blank password / disable password protected sharing
  • Use an auto login app like Network Drive Manager > open the options and set to auto connect until a hundred times > copy its shortcut to the startup folder, or just
  • Reinstall windows