How I upgrade and clean install to Windows 10 on my Asus T100TA

  • Use Media Creation Tool to create a bootable USB (Windows 10 Home 32 bit).
  • Open the USB in T100 and click on setup.
  • Choose upgrade and follow the steps, skip any serial if asked.
  • After upgrading to Windows 10, confirm that Windows 10 is activated before performing a clean install. You can check this by opening Settings, selecting Update & Security, and selecting Activation.
  • Now to clean install Windows 10. Restart, then boot from the previous USB.
  • Follow the instructions, set the partitions however you like (you can free some space by deleting the recovery partitions), again, skip any serial if asked.
  • After it’s done, it should automatically activate itself when you connect to the Internet.
  • Let Windows update the drivers by itself, this may take some time, you can check the question marks in Device Manager disappears one by one. Some restarts may be needed.
  • In the end there should be one question mark left, get SOC driver (for Windows 8.1) and ATK (for Windows 10) from Asus’ site and install them.
  • Optionally, you can update the BIOS by downloading and installing the BIOS and WinFlash utility from Asus’ site, and update the system using automatic updates in Windows. I used BIOS 304 using Winflash 301.

Why is the upgrade necessary?
You’ll have to upgrade to Windows 10 before you can perform a clean install. If you don’t take advantage of the upgrade process first, Windows 10 registration will never happen. There’s no way to enter a Windows 8.1 key into the Windows 10 installer, nor is there some sort of web form that will give you a Windows 10 key if you provide your Windows 8.1 key.


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