Some recommendations when your PC have booting problem

Booting problem includes : automatic restarts/shutdown, hangs/freezes on startup, beeping sound, etc

  • Check the RAM : clean it up, change the slot, use another RAM
  • Check the Harddisk : change the cable, change the port
  • Check the Power Supply : pull all the cable and plug it back, change the PSU
  • Check the temperature : make sure the fan is spinning
  • Also try pull the RAM or Harddisk out completely to see if the symptom is still same, in this case the problem is probably not with the RAM or Harddisk
  • Do what you can to boot (safe mode, hiren boot cd) then : do the chkdsk, system restore, bad sector check, disable problematic startup items, etc
  • Reset BIOS setting to its default value or failsafe value
  • Unplug every USB device and try to start it up again
  • Some beeping sounds indicate a problem in keyboard and mouse, try to change or replug the keyboard and mouse
  • Try repairing Windows using the original CD/DVD

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